Terms and Conditions


**Please note that with effect from 21 August 2016, our Terms and Conditions have been simplified**

We thank you for supporting the high school education of ethnic minorities in Sapa. Our ethnic minority trekking guides have a sustainable career because of you.

The receipt of your deposit and/or final payment will indicate that you and your travel agent (when applicable) have read these Terms and Conditions and that you (and your agent) have accepted them.

The Terms and Conditions below form the basis of the contractual relationship between Sapa O’Chau travel and its clients. It is extremely important that our clients understand and accept these Terms and Conditions as well as all relevant web content.


Bookings can be made via our hotel in Sapa; www.sapaochau.org; skype; email; mobile or phone. Your booking will be confirmed by e-mail.


1. For online booking, a non-refundable deposit of the amount equivalent to 50% of the total service price is required upon confirmation of your booking. Balance of the total service price is to be paid before your tour at our head office: 03 Le Van Tam, Sapa.

All bank transfer charges/fees via money transfer or credit card payment are to be paid by the client/s.

Online payment by OnePay (sending money online): www.onepay.vn
We will send you a hyperlink for payment then you have to submit all required information for processing. The transaction fee is 3.3%.

2. For walk-in bookings, the total service price can be paid in cash (USD or VND). Payment by Visa/Mastercard will be subjected to an additional 3% bank fee. A receipt will be issued.

Responsibility of Sapa O'Chau

Except in situations beyond human control, Sapa O'Chau will be held responsible for any additional expense resulting from changes caused by Sapa O'Chau in the itinerary, transportation, accommodation, etc.

Except in situations beyond human control, Sapa O'Chau shall provide compensatory service for participants or refund the difference in payment for service rendered below standard.

Responsibility of Guests

Sapa O'Chau guests are liable for payment of any damages or loss of rental equipment such as motorbikes or bicycles that is under their charge. Guests should possess the necessary international driving license when handling motor vehicles. Sapa is a mountainous region and roads can be difficult to negotiate if the motorist is not accustomed to local traffic conditions. 

Be firm to street peddlers who follow your trek. The trekking guide belongs to their community as well thus they are in a difficult position to chase the street peddlers away.

Please bring along our name card so you can contact us when in need.

Please only entrust your train vouchers to Sapa O'Chau staff or train staff with proper identification who gives you a one-to-one exchange of vouchers for tickets. If in doubt, please contact Sapa O'Chau.

Please do bring your valuables especially passport with you at all times during your tour. You may leave valuables that you do not need for your tour at Sapa O'Chau office's secure storage for valuables. Do not leave your valuables in the transport vehicle.

If there is any loss of valuables during your tour with us, please lodge a police report at the nearest police station immediately.  

Policy Regarding Cancellation / No Show / Early Departure

1. Services are canceled by the guest

At Sapa O'Chau we do our best to minimize cancellation penalties for our guests but we must abide by the cancellation policies of service providers Sapa O'Chau contracted with. Sapa O'Chau is a social enterprise and like normal businesses, it has to cover its operational expenses. 

In case a tour is canceled by the guests for any reason the total service prices must be paid according to the table. We trust our guests to make the payments, either in person in Sapa or via online transfer:

More than 10 days to 48 hours in advance of our services a non-refundable deposit of 50 % of the total service cost
From 48 to 24 hours in advance of our services 70 % of the total service cost inclusive of a non-refundable deposit
Less than 24 hours in advance of our services  100 % of the total service cost

2. Services are canceled by Sapa O'Chau

The contract between Sapa O'Chau and their guests can only be canceled by Sapa O'Chau if dramatic problems like natural disasters, epidemics, political problems, etc, occur. In this case, the clients will receive back the total sum having been paid for services but have no right to any indemnities.

Travel Insurance

Sapa O'Chau highly recommends you to have personal travel insurance & comprehensive health insurance when traveling around Vietnam.