Sapa Local Guide

Come on in and meet our lovely staff at Sapa O’Chau.

Our world award-winning Social Enterprise currently has 30 experienced professional local guides, all of whom have been accredited with Local Tour Guide Licenses.

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We believe that shared experience is the best way to learn and enjoy, not only for our guides, but also our guests. We encourage a two-way relationship, benefiting the local people as much as the visitor. This is why in addition to an experienced and qualified guide, our tours are usually accompanied by a trainee. We currently have 15 guides in training. Through this ‘apprenticeship’ tourists have the opportunity to learn about the culture from two enthusiastic local people, while giving the trainee the opportunity to learn hands on.

The training for our guides is conducted within the Sapa O’Chau centre; staff are provided with ongoing training to keep improving their skills while maintaining a high standard of service. Our trainee tour guides came to Sapa O’Chau with limited language skills but with an eagerness to learn. They were looking for help to “Reach for the Stars!” and make their dreams of being a guide come true.

We help our guests to “Come to Sapa and leave more than just footprints…”

If you do not wish your lead guide to be accompanied by a trainee, or wish to know more, just let us know.