Laptop and Tablet Bags


Contemporary design with a traditional touch. Volunteers from around the world helped design our bags ensuring that our designs remain fashionable yet functional. Multiple compartments for ease of retrieving the required item. Cushioned interiors help lessen the impact of an accidental drop and minimise damage to your beloved laptop or tablet. You may personalise your bag with choice of colours, traditional Hmong motifs and even embroider your name on it. Speak to our craftswomen today.

*All our bags are made from locally grown hemp in northwest of Vietnam

SlingBagtui djeo cheoSlingBagtui djeo cheo1SlingBagtui djeo cheo2SlingBagtui djeo cheo3SlingBagtui djeo cheo4sling bag
sling bag4
sling bag3
tablet bag3
tablet sling bag